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Today in Indian History
Events for September 20

20-September-1388Firuz Shah Tughluq, the third emperor of Delhi, died at the age of 83.
20-September-1819Jose Custodio Faria (Joseph Stadio Faria), revolutionary scientist of Goa died.
20-September-1856Narayan Guru was born in Chempazhanthi village of Kerala
20-September-1857British troops conquered Delhi from the Mutineers.
20-September-1878Hindu', an English weekly in Madras with G.S. Aiyer as its Editor, was first published with only 80 copies.
20-September-1881Pandit Kashinath Babaji (Chandrakant Bhringa), famous Marathi writer, was born at Munjawad in Nasik.
20-September-1886Kuladhor Chaliha, one of the pioneer Congress leaders of Assam, was born at Sibsagar.
20-September-1911Sri Ram Sharma Acharya, freedom fighter, social reformer and leader, was born at Auvalkhera, Agra.
20-September-1921Pamanmal Hazari Punjabi, right-hand batsman (164 runs in five tests vs Pakistan in 1954-55), was born at Karachi.
20-September-1928Narayan Guru ""Nanu"" of Kerala entered in maha Samadhi. His teachings are held in great reverence even toda
20-September-1932Gandhiji commences ""fast unto death"" (hunger strike) in Poona prison to secure abolition of separate electorates for Harijans and untouchabl
20-September-1933Annie Besant, veteran freedom fighter for India, died.
20-September-1940Saroj Lalwani, journalist and printing press director, was born.
20-September-1942Kanak Lata Barua, a yound child who tried to host the national flag at Goupur police station in Assam with the help of 500 people, was shot by the police station incharge.
20-September-1944Rameshchandra Saxena, a one Test batsman (India vs England 1967), was born in Delhi.
20-September-1989IPKF suspends its operations against LTTE in Sri Lanka. LTTE, in turn, ceases all operations against the Indian armed forces.
20-September-1992Vithhal Badgelwar, painter and sculptor, passed away.
20-September-1993First developmental launch of PSLV and Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS-1E) carried remote sensing payloads. Could not be placed in orbit.
20-September-1993Narsimha Rao, Prime Minister, arrives in Teheran on a three-day visit.
20-September-1996Arunachal Chief Minister Apang resigns and forms new party Arunachal Congress.
20-September-1997President K. R. Narayanan inaugurates the first Dr. Ambedkar Law University in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
20-September-1998India lost the fifth and final match of the Sahara Cup by five wickets. Pakistan won the series 4-1 at Toronto.
20-September-1998A. B. Bardhan is re-elected CPI general secretary.
20-September-1999Shobha Subrahmanyam, managing director of the Ananda Bazaar Patrika Group of publications, was elected President of the Indian Newspaper Society for 1999-2000.
20-September-1999T. R. Rajakumari (78), the dream girl of the Tamil silver screen for over two decades, died.

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