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Today in Indian History
Events for January 21

21-January-1820Dalpat Rai, modern Gujrati poet, was born.
21-January-1882Vaman Malhar Joshi, Marathi novelist, was born.
21-January-1908Gandhiji agrees to settlement on basis of voluntary registration, if Registration Act is repealed.
21-January-1910Ramnath Anandilal Poddar, great industrialist, was born.
21-January-1922Juda Reuben, cricket Test umpire for 10 tests from 1969-77, was born in Mumbai.
21-January-1922V. Rajagopal, cricket test umpire for 1 test in 1969-70, was born in Mumbai.
21-January-1924Professor Madhu Dandavate, former Finance Minister, was born at Ahmednagar.
21-January-1943Hemu Kalani, revolutionary freedom fighter and social reformer, was hanged by British police.
21-January-1945Shri Rashbehari Basu, great revolutionary, freedom fighter, social reformer and leader, passed away at Tokyo, Japan, at the age of 60.
21-January-1952Indian National Congress party wins the 1st General Election of India under the ledearship of Jawaharlal Nehru.
21-January-1956Strikes and demonstrations held in Bihar and Orissa in protest of the government's intention to revise state boundaries.
21-January-1961Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II, and her husband Duke of Edinburgh visited New Delhi.
21-January-1963East German party Congress ends; Ulbricht, with Soviet support, condemns Chinese invasion of India at Berlin.
21-January-1963Acharaya Shivpujan Sahai, famous Hindi writer, poet and novelist, died. He was editor of Hindi journals like ""Marwari Sudhar"", ""Samanwaya"", ""Adarsh"" etc. He wrote 400 short stories and 67 biographies. His novel ""Dehati Dunia"" is acclaimed as first regional
21-January-1969First India built electronic digital computer commissioned.
21-January-1970Harivinayak Pataskar, former Central Minister and Governor of Madhya Pradesh, passed away.
21-January-1978Nilmoni Phukan, greatest social reformer, prolific writer, poet, editor of 'Dainik Batori', journalist and lawyer, passed away. He participated in the Quit India Movement for which he was arrested.
21-January-1980Assembly elections in Kerala; LDF wins absolute majority. E.K. Nayanar forms government in Kerala.
21-January-1981Bishnu Ram Medhi, chief minister of Assam and Governor of Madras, passed away.
21-January-1983R. D. Katari, the first Indian Admiral of Indian Army, passed away.
21-January-1993Chander Pal at Bangalore sets record for High Jump in 2.17.
21-January-1993Biren Roy, follower of Netaji Subhashchandra Bose, passed away.
21-January-1994India and Myanmar decide to open border trade.
21-January-1996Lakshmi Parvati elected president of Telugu Desam NTR faction.
21-January-1997Delhi was the first city to use propane gas when 50 autorickshaws were started on trial basis.
21-January-1997First group of bank documents relating to Bofors case handed over to Indian Government.
21-January-1997Railways emerges overall champion in national road cycling championship in Calcutta.
21-January-1999 Bal Thackeray, Shiv Sena chief, suspends his party's protest against the coming India-Pakistan cricket matches after an urgent meeting with the Union Home Minister in Mumbai.
21-January-2000The Samata Party National Executive elects Mrs. Jaya Jaitley as its president.

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