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22 - May International Day for Biological Diversity.

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22 - May - 1545 Sher Shah Sur died. He was fatally wounded in an explosion on Kalanjara fort while preparing for an attack. He introduced the new silver rupee-coin "Rupiya" based on ratio of 40 copper coin pieces (paisa) per rupee and built several roads including the longest road of India known as Grand Trunk Road (now Natioinal Highway-2).
22 - May - 1772 Raja Ram Mohan Roy, great social reformer, lawyer and politician and founder of Brahmo Samaj, was born at Radhanagar in Hooghly district, Bengal.
22 - May - 1917 Suniti Chaudhary, revolutionary freedom fighter, was born at Kumilla. She was one of the accused in the famous Chargaon ammunition plot and assassination of General Lemen, Inspector General of Dhaka.
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