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Date Description
1 - October International Day of Older Persons.
1 - October International Music Day.
1 - October World Elder's Day.

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Date Events
1 - October - 1847 Annie Besant, famous philosopher and thesophist, was born in London.
1 - October - 1854 The first stamps valid for postage throughout India were placed on sale in October 1854 with four values: 1/2 anna [Color: Blue],  1 anna [Color: Red], 2 annas [Color: Green], and 4 annas [Color: Res and Blue].
These stamps were featuring a youthful profile of Queen Victoria, all four values were designed and printed in Calcutta, and issued without perforations or gum. All were lithographed except for the 2 annas green, which was produced by typography from copper clichés or from electrotyped plates. The 4 annas value was one of the world's first bicolored stamps, preceded only by the Basel Dove, a beautiful local issue.
1 - October - 1867 Dr. Hiralal, a distinguised historian, was born in Katni near Jabalpur. He compiled a descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit and Prakrit Manuscripts in the Central Provinces and was an honorary correspondent in Archaeology to the Government of India. He was also titled as "Rai Bahadur".
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