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List of Birth Events on June-1901

3- June-1901 Mahakavi G. Sankara Kurup, Malayalam poet, was born. He was the first winner of the conveted Gyaanpeeth Award in 1965 for his poems ""Odakkuzhal"" in Malayalam.
11- June-1901 Pramathanath Bishi, professor and Hindi writer, was born.
19- June-1901 Raj Chandra Bose, Indian mathematician and statistician, was born at Hosangabad in Madhya Pradesh. He made many valuable contributions to the subject. He discovered new codes for telecommunication. In 1976, America's highest honour to a scientist came to Bose as he was elected Fellow of the US Academy of Sciences.
24- June-1901 John Thottam (Sir Marry Benigna C.D.) Marry, great poetess and teacher, was born in Elangi village at Kerala.
29- June-1901 Amal Kumar Sarkar, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, was born.