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List of Birth Events on April-1918

16- April-1918 Lalita Pawar, famous actress of Indian film industry, was born.
16- April-1918 Spike Milligan, famous actor and comedian (Digby, 3 Musketeers), was born in India.
18- April-1918 Amboo alias Lalita Pawar was born in Indore. She will be always remembered as the a leading film actress and character artist. Her first film was 'Ganimi Kawa' (1928). Some of the other films of silent era are Shri Balaji, Bhimsen, Champion of the Sward, Chatur Sunderi, Goodbye Marriage, Flaming Soul, Kailash.
24- April-1918 Durgaprasad Dhar, former Vice President of Planning Commission, was born.