List of Crime Events on February-1993

11- February-1993 Andhra Naxalites release four out of six hostages.
18- February-1993 Phoolan Devi, the legendary Bandit Queen, was released after 11 years in jail. A heroine to many low-caste Indians, she was born into the Mallah caste of fishermen, close to the bottom of India's rigid social scale, and became a bandit after she was gang-raped. She led her rural band in robbing and killing upper-caste Thakurs in revenge for the murder of her lover and acquired a Robin Hood image. The Rebel of the Ravines siad, "I shall work for the upliftment of the women and downtrodden".
25- February-1993 113 MPs arrested and Murali Manohar Joshi injured in police action.