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List of Death Events on October-1990

5- October-1990 Dr. Rajkumar Varma, famous Hindi journalist and playwright, died.
8- October-1990 Veteran freedom fighter and Congress leader Kamalapati Tripathi (86) died.
20- October-1990 Kona Prabhakar Rao, former Governor of Maharashtra, died.
25- October-1990 Captain Sangma, first Chief Minister of Meghalaya, died.
26- October-1990 V. Shantaram, veteran film producer, director and Dadasaheb Phalke awardee, died at the age of 90 years in Bombay.
29- October-1990 Vinod Mehra, famous Hindi film actor, died.
31- October-1990 Religious clashes between Hindus and Muslims leave more than 180 people dead.