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List of General Events on February-1942

1- February-1942 17 Indian Division's were withdrawn over vast stretches and the British evacuation in Burma was the longest in British military history. The Division was to subsequently extract terrible retribution from the Japanese Army during World War II and to destabilise the Indian Economy with forged notes of 5, 10 and 100 Rupees.
1- February-1942 No. 4 Squadron of the IAF was born in the war at Peshawar. The Squadron was first equipped with Lysander aircraft. The Second World War was in its third year and Japanese forces were advancing towards India's eastern frontiers.
1- February-1942 No.1 Squadron arrived in Burma with its Lysanders, flying tactical recce missions from Toungoo before transferring to Mingaladon with a flight deployed at Lashio.
16- February-1942 The third IAF unit to operate the Lysander was No.4 Squadron, formed with four aircraft on 16 February 1942. This squadron was to continue to operate the Westland aircraft until it too was re-equipped with the Hurricane in June 1943.