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List of General Events on January-1950

18- January-1950 India is declared a secular republic. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1964) is determined to abolish casteism and industrialize the nation. Constitution makes Hindi official national language, English to continue for 15 years, 14 major state languages are recognized. India also moved a motion for no war treaty between India and Pakistan to improve the relations with neighboring countries.
26- January-1950 India became a Republic within the British Commonwealth and the Indian Air Force dropped its "Royal" prefix. At this time, it possessed six fighter squadrons of Spitfires, Vampires and Tempests, operating from Kanpur, Poona, Ambala and Palam, one B-24 bomber squadron, one C-47 Dakota transport squadron, one AOP flight, a communications squadron at Palam and a growing training organisation.
26- January-1950 Government of India accepted the National Emblem. It consisted of Head of Lion which is taken from Ashok piller situated near Sarnath.