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List of General Events on September-1965

7- September-1965 U.S. suspends military aid to India and Pakistan.
8- September-1965 Pakistan commenced its drive into the Indian Punjab using its 1-armoured division with the aim to foreclose India's options north of the Beas-Sutlej river line, after foiling the southern most divisional attack mounted by 4-Mountain Division.
14- September-1965 Pakistan Air Force bombs Calcutta and Agartala civilian airports.
18- September-1965 Communist government threatens dire consequences on discovering Indian bases on the Chinese side of the China-Sikkim frontier in China.
19- September-1965 Government extends ultimatum to India to dismantle forts within four days in China.
23- September-1965 The Indian Army secured the Kashmir Valley and the only object left was to clean out the remnants of the Gibraltar Force. Under the guidance of United Nations, the cease-fire came into effect.