List of Politics Events on March-1977

16- March-1977 Sixth General Election of India begins.
20- March-1977 General Election (6th) of India ends. First time Indian National Congress Party lost in India.
22- March-1977 Indira Gandhi-led Indian National Congress party lost the 6th general election of India. She resigned as Pime Minister of India.
22- March-1977 Janata and its allies gain absolute majority in Lok Sabha.
24- March-1977 Morarji Desai elected leader of Janata Party and sworn in as the Prime Minister of India at New Delhi. Later he formed his cabinet. He was in the office of Prime Minister till July 28, 1979. This was first non-Congress Government in India.
24- March-1977 Ban on RSS and 26 other organisations lifted.
26- March-1977 Morarji Desai, the new Prime Minister, forms his Cabinet.
27- March-1977 The government revoked the national Emergency promulgated on Dec. 3, 1971.
27- March-1977 N. Sanjeeva Reddy elected Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
30- March-1977 Swami Agnivesh merged his 'Bhartiya Aryasabha Party' in Janata Party.
31- March-1977 N. K. Mukarji was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He held this office till 31-03-1980.