List of Religion Events on November-1983

1- November-1983 Rajiv Gandhi, 48, who was chosen to succeed his assassinated mother, was sworn in as Prime Minister in New Delhi today. Across the Jamuna River, in a Sikh slum, evidence was found of the enormous political problems the new Prime Minister faced. The bodies of at least 95 Sikhs were discovered. The Indian army had also been ordered into nine other cities. Religious warfare between Sikhs and Hindus had claimed at least 1,000 lives since Indira Gandhi was assassinated. The security guards who killed her were both Sikhs. US Secretary of State George Shultz, who attended the funeral, assured the new Prime Minister of US interest in a "strong and stable India". US-Indian relations had been strained recently because of United States support for Pakistan. Shultz called for a "renewed positive trend" in relations.