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List of General Events on August-1998

6- August-1998 The Maharashtra Government rejects the Srikrishna Commission findings on the 1992-93 communal riots and the serial blasts in Mumbai, but agrees to act on the panel's suggestions to refurbish the police force.
7- August-1998 The Government announces a banking and foreign exchange package for development of the information technology and software industry following the recommendations of the National Task Force.
9- August-1998 India moves the World Trade Organisation against the European Union reimposing anti-dumping duties on unbleached cotton gray fabric imports.
15- August-1998 Golden jubilee celebrations of the Indian Independence ends.
17- August-1998 The Government issues a notification banning the use of quinacrine, a controversial female contraceptive and sterilization agent.
17- August-1998 National Human Rights Commission recommends compulsory registration of marriages in a bid to check child marriages.
28- August-1998 India and Pakistan clash at the Security Council after New Delhi denounced the running of terrorist training camps in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Afghanistan.
31- August-1998 Prime Minister Vajpayee announces a gift of 10,000 litres of edible oil and five tonnes of milk powder to Nambia during it's severe drought.
31- August-1998 The Government decides to raise the retirement age of the three service chiefs of the armed forces, officers and personnel across the board to 62 years.