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List of General Events on May-1998

1- May-1998 The Konkan Railway running for 760-km is dedicated to the nation by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This was an extention from Ratnagiri.
1- May-1998 India and Peru sign agreements on space technology and agriculture during the visit of Indian President K. R. Narayanan there.
2- May-1998 The Indian Army at Bandipura market captured 10.5 Kg Charas.
4- May-1998 India is placed on the US Special 309 watch list.
9- May-1998 Kirit Raval is appointed Solicitor-General of India.
11- May-1998 Three momentous events took place on the day that did the nation proud. Firstly, three underground nuclear tests at Pokhran Range in Rajasthan, which included a hydrogen bomb, were tested; secondly, the successful test firing of the 'Trishul Missile' and thirdly, the maiden Certification test flight of 'Hansa-3', the first-all Composite indigenous two seater aircraft.
15- May-1998 The Indian Army at Chandilora (Tangmey) captured 15 kg charas, 400 gm dust of charas and 12 kg leaves of charas.
21- May-1998 India declares a moratorium on nuclear testing.
31- May-1998 B. R. Rawat, an Indian diplomat, is assaulted by a Pakistani private security guard in Islamabad.
31- May-1998 India rejects mediation on issues with Pakistan, reiterates its commitment to address outstanding issues bilaterally.