List of Politics Events on June-1993

1- June-1993 Burkino Faso President Blaise Campaore visits India.
1- June-1993 Premkumar Sharma, MLA of Bhartiya Janata Party, was assassinated.
1- June-1993 Speaker disqualifies four Ajit group MPs.
4- June-1993 L K Advani unanimously elected President of BJP.
4- June-1993 The Babri tribunal strikes down ban on RSS and Bajrang Dal and upholds outlawing of VHP.
15- June-1993 PM Narasimha Rao visits Oman; India and Oman decide to give each other MFN status.
17- June-1993 Congress (I) working committee reaffirms its faith in Rao; BJP asks for PM's resignation .
18- June-1993 Advani takes over as party President.
23- June-1993 Motilal Vohra made governor of UP.
24- June-1993 Nanchil K. Manoharan, former DMK Finance Minister, expelled from the party.