List of Politics Events on June-1998

1- June-1998 The Prasar Bharati Bill is introduced in the Lok Sabha to revive the Prasar Bharati Act, 1990.
13- June-1998 India rejects G-8 prescriptions saying they are ''coercive and intrusive'' and intend to freeze the nuclear weapon capabilities of New Delhi and Islamabad.
16- June-1998 Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Prime Minister, meets her Indian couterpart A B Vajpayee in New Delhi.
21- June-1998 India and Russia sign a $2.5-billion deal to set up a nuclear power station at Koodankulam in Tamil Nadu.
27- June-1998 Homi J. H. Taleyarkhan, Gandhian, Congressman and former Sikkim Governor, dies at 86.
27- June-1998 Mr. Nikhil Chakravartty, journalist and chairman of Prasar Bharati, dies in New Delhi at 84.
29- June-1998 Government decides to grant full statehood for Delhi and create three new States namely Uttaranchal, Vananchal and Chattisgarh.