List of Politics Events on May-1998

3- May-1998 Kushabhau Thakre takes over as the new BJP President.
5- May-1998 Yashwant Sinha and Madan Lal Khurana, Union Ministers, are discharged in the hawala case.
8- May-1998 Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Prime Minister, gets the Gandhi award for 1998.
12- May-1998 Yeltsin feels let down by the Indian nuclear tests but says that Indo-Russian ties will not be hit.
12- May-1998 Bill Clinton, US President, asks India to sign the CTBT.
13- May-1998 India conducts two more nuclear tests at Pokhran. The US slaps sanctions. The Prime Minister says India will face down sanctions.
16- May-1998 India rejects China's charges on N-tests.
17- May-1998 US President Bill Clinton wants India and Pakistan to sign CTBT.
18- May-1998 India talks with the US on the nuclear tests.
18- May-1998 India may take the US to WTO.
23- May-1998 L. K. Advani, Home Minister, is to look after J&K affairs.
27- May-1998 Minoo Masani, 92, co-founder of the Swatantra Party, passed away in Mumbai after a brief illness.
28- May-1998 India takes retaliatory measures against Australia for its unilateral action.
31- May-1998 India rejects mediation on issues with Pakistan, reiterates its commitment to address outstanding issues bilaterally.