List of Politics Events on November-1990

1- November-1990 JD Government in Gujarat, headed by Chimanbhai Patel, defeats no-confidence motion with Congress (I) support.
5- November-1990 Janata Dal splits. The breakaway group claims support of 58 M.P.'s to elect Mr. Chandrashekhar as leader. V.P. Singh's government loses confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.
7- November-1990 National Front Government headed by V. P. Singh loses confidence motion in the Lok Sabha (151-356). Singh tenders his resignation and this is the end of 11-month-old National Front Government.
8- November-1990 Congress (I) extends support to Chandrasekhar to form Government, even as BJP and Left parties decline the request of President R. Venkataraman to form Government. Rajasthan BJP CM Bhairon Singh Shekhwat wins confidence motion with the help of Janata Dal rebels (116-80).
9- November-1990 JD expels Gujarat CM Chimanbhai Patel and UP CM Mulayam Singh Yadav from Legislative wings and primary membership of the party.
9- November-1990 Vishwanath Pratap Singh resigned from the post of Prime Minister of India after losing the Vote of Confidence moved against him.
10- November-1990 Chandra Shekhar Singh sworn in as 8th Prime Minister of India. He remained in this office till June 21, 1991 Devilal was sworn in as the Dy. Prime Minister.
12- November-1990 Uttar Pradesh Government raises the reservation for Backward Classes in direct recruitment to State Services from 15 to 27 per cent.
16- November-1990 Chandrasekhar Government wins confidence motion of 280 for 214 against and 11 abstained (17 members were absent).
20- November-1990 Mulayam Singh Yadav's JD (S) ministry wins a confidence motion (224-146) with the help of Congress (I) in Uttar Pradesh.
22- November-1990 Laloo Prasad Yadav, Bihar CM, wins confidence motion (202-108).
28- November-1990 President's rule imposed in Assam. Assembly kept in suspended animation. United Liberation Front of Assam and National Socialist Council of Nagaland banned.